Our geomatics technicians have extensive experience in the production of large, medium and small scale topographic, bathymetric and thematic maps.

We offer a complete production service including data collection, cartographic editing, cartographic symbology, quality control, colour separation, film production for offset printing, and printing on large format ink jet printers on request.

We produce top quality maps to your specifications and from any source available:

  • Aerial photography
  • Satellite imagery (Landsat, SPOT, Radarsat, IRS, Ikonos)
  • GPS data
  • Digital files
  • Survey plans
  • Previous edition hard copies
  • Handwritten notes

Practical applications:

  • Topographic mapping
  • Geology mapping
  • Military mapping
  • Road maps
  • National and tourism Atlas
  • Maps for publication
  • Customized maps
  • Maps for Internet use


  • Digital data
  • Film production for offset printing
  • Colour printing on large format ink jet printer
  • HTML format
  • Raster and Vector images (geo-referenced)


In the last 20 years, the evolution of technology has completely changed the mapping and geomatics industry. This new technology, called Geographic Information Services (GIS), is being used for the analysis of events, natural and geographic phenomena, transportation, and also for mapping applications.

With this leading-edge technology and the most recent software tools such as AutoCad Map, ArcMap, ArcView GIS, Microstation J, DVP, FME Professional, and many others, JLC geomatique offers data collection, structuring and spatial analysis services.

For example, from vector data we can determine buffer zones; analyze the vicinity and the relevance of a site; slope, altitude, shading, visibility etc.


We produce large and medium scale topographic maps from aerial photography using DVP software. DVP is a fully integrated digital photogrammetric system for three-dimensional low cost data collection.

We have the capability of providing Data Collection Services combined with DEM's (Digital Elevation Models) and orthophoto production that enables us to provide our clients with accurate digital data, structured and practical for other GIS and orthophoto applications.

We are serving clients in a wide variety of industrial sectors such as mining, energy, geodetic and legal surveying, engineering, environment, transportation, forestry, agriculture and geology.